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Advanced Digital Marketing for Local Actions & Offline Transactions – Friday, November 9, 2018

Localogy offers the latest information and best practices on topics and tactics critical to marketers looking to generate leads, revenue and sales for small business customers and national-local brands or enterprises.


 “I found it refreshing that the format of this event allowed us to engage throughout sessions. It made the event feel less formal and more interactive than previous conferences I’ve attended.”

Trisha J., Senior SEO Associate

“I was very happy to be there and felt it was time well spent.”

Benjamin R., Marketing & Web Design


“Great roster of speakers.”

Rey T., Creative Director

“I love the LSA and I think it’s one of the constant sources for local search data and news.”

Joseph P., Local SEO Specialist


“I found it refreshing that the format of this event allowed us to engage throughout sessions. It made the event feel less formal and more interactive than previous conferences I’ve attended.”

Trisha J., Senior SEO Associate

“Great roster of speakers.”

Rey T., Creative Director


“The event most definitely surpassed my expectations. I was intrigued by the session topics beforehand but the speakers really were excellent and brought the content to life. This was one of the very few industry events where I was actually able to take at least one nugget from each session that was applicable to my own business or to at least one client of ours.”

Brian W., Digital Marketing Director


Jocelyn Hardy

Chris Hoag


Andrew Shotland

David Mihm


Aaron Weiche

Neil Crist

Agenda (9 am – 4 pm)

Breakfast & Registration – 8:00am

Why You Need an On-SERP Optimization Strategy

With more and more consumers making decisions directly from search results, it has become essential to build an On-SERP optimization strategy. For local businesses and their agencies, the centerpiece of that strategy is of course Google My Business. David will share his view of how agencies should re-shape their service offerings around this new On-SERP reality, and how they can leverage GMB continue to deliver results for their clients at a reasonable price — and profit.
David Mihm, Tidings


Google Is NOT Your Home Page: Local SEO For Your Actual Website

While more and more consumers are making decisions directly from search results, there still is a huge amount of opportunity from local organic traffic. It has become essential for local businesses and their agencies to understand how to navigate around Google’s “Owned & Operated” properties to acquire business via localized organic results. Andrew will share strategies his agency has been using to help local businesses both get more customers via SEO and sometimes pull them out of Google’s many ditches.
Andrew Shotland, Local SEO Guide


Using Data to Build Exceptional Local Pages

Marketers know that high quality, relevant content is more likely to rank in search results. Yet it’s hard to produce at scale. How can organizations with multiple locations create thousands of location pages without duplicate content that actually provide value to the customer? Moz will explain how to use both internal and external data to power creative, hyper-local content at scale.
Neil Crist, Moz


Turning Customer Experience into Marketing Excellence

The voice of the customer has never been more amplified than today.  Online review sites and other reputation signals are major factors in how visible you are in Google search results and efficiently converting customers from searches to sales.  Find out the strategy and key elements you need to build a cycle of happy customers marketing to your next happy customers.
Aaron Weiche, GatherUp


Leading Clients through Marketing Automation

MailChimp will discuss “the automation advantage” and dispel related marketing myths. The session will also explain how to use automation to increase prospect and customer engagement and showcase success stories, including with multi-channel automation. Finally the company will discuss resources for agencies.
Jocelyn Hardy, MailChimp


What to Expect from AI & the Automation of Digital Marketing

Machine learning, automation and “AI” are now everywhere. They’re starting to impact search and digital marketing in significant ways. What are some of the specific things that marketers should expect in the near term and how can they take full advantage of automation? In what ways will it change campaigns and how agencies work with clients? What should agencies do to remain vital and relevant in the future?
Chris Hoag, Microsoft


Facebook: Stories, APIs, Store Visits, Local Pages and O2O Attribution

Facebook will cover a range of topics of interest to marketers. They’ll explore the “build vs. buy” software decision in managing Facebook campaigns. They’ll talk about the SMB aggregator API, the latest on the Facebook marketing partner program. They’ll also explain why you should be taking advantage of Stories and Video inventory right now. Finally they’ll provide an update on Store Visits, local Pages and offline attribution — and take your questions.


Getting the Most from Google My Business As an Agency

Google will outline key consumer trends in local search and important features of Google My Business (GMB). The session will also discuss opportunities for GMB partners, including GMB APIs and a case study featuring a GMB agency.



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