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Localogy NYC @ Yelp's Offices

Advanced Digital Marketing for Local Actions & Offline Transactions – Thursday, October 11, 2018

Localogy offers the latest information and best practices on topics and tactics critical to marketers looking to generate leads, revenue and sales for small business customers and national-local brands or enterprises.


Phillip Rather

Jamie Boardman

Sana Khan

Drew Canniff

Russ Jones

 Emi Wayner

Christina Miazgowicz

Darnell Holloway

Meenakshi Kapil

Agenda (9 am – 4 pm)

Breakfast & Registration – 8:00am

How to Create a Data-Driven Local SEO Strategy

There are three major steps or components to local SEO success: collecting data, analyzing ranking factors and creating a data driven local strategy. In this presentation, Christina Miazgowicz of Seer Interactive will take attendees through this tactical process step-by-step.
Christina Miazgowicz, Seer Interactive

Using Data to Build Exceptional Local Pages

Marketers know that high-quality, relevant content is more likely to rank in search results. Yet it’s hard to produce at scale. How can organizations with multiple locations create thousands of location pages without duplicate content that actually provide value to the customer? Moz will explain how to use both internal and external data to power creative, hyper-local content at scale.
Russ Jones, Moz

Reputation and Review Management Best Practices

Multi-location brands and SMBs alike must have a reviews strategy. In addition to being a ranking factor, the influence of reviews on consumers continues to grow. Yelp will discuss reputation management best practices and the role of the agency in that process. Yelp will also explain its Ad Certified Partnership program and provide some agency success stories.
Drew Canniff, Darnell Holloway, Yelp

Facebook: Stories, APIs, Store Visits, Local Pages and O2O Attribution

Facebook’s Phillip Rather will cover a range of topics of interest to marketers. He’ll explore the “build vs. buy” software decision in managing Facebook campaigns. He’ll talk about the SMB aggregator API, the latest on the Facebook marketing partner program. He’ll also explain why you should be taking advantage of Stories and Video inventory right now. Finally he’ll provide an update on Store Visits, local Pages and offline attribution — and take your questions.
Phillip Rather, Facebook

Getting the Most from Google My Business As an Agency

Google will outline key consumer trends in local search and important features of Google My Business (GMB). The session will also discuss opportunities for GMB partners, including GMB APIs and a case study featuring a GMB agency.
Emi Wayner, Google

The Google Ads Landscape: New Formats, Real-World Examples

Ex-Googler and Wordstream SEM manager Meenakshi Kapil will talk about a range topics relevant to search marketers. She’ll discuss Google’s new ad formats, automation, ad creative, extensions, attribution and video ads. She’ll also present case studies and real-world examples with Wordstream clients.
Meenakshi Kapil, WordStream

Leading Clients through Marketing Automation

MailChimp will discuss “the automation advantage” and dispel related marketing myths. The session will also explain how to use automation to increase prospect and customer engagement and showcase success stories, including with multi-channel automation. Finally the company will discuss resources for agencies.
Jamie Boardman, MailChimp

What to Expect from AI & the Automation of Digital Marketing

Machine learning, automation and “AI” are now everywhere. They’re starting to impact search and digital marketing in significant ways. What are some of the specific things that marketers should expect in the near term and how can they take full advantage of automation? In what ways will it change campaigns and how agencies work with clients? What should agencies do to remain vital and relevant in the future?
Sana Khan, Microsoft


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